I want to leave my footprint in music and want my music to be an inspiration to all no matter their circumstances.

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I’m an 80s baby born in Fort Myers and have been fortunate enough to travel between USA and UK while growing up and experiencing different cultures,” said the artist. “I was exposed to many different genres of music (from reggae to opera and everything in between) from an exceedingly early age as my mum would have music blasting in our house every day and so music became a part of me.”

“I started writing poetry in 1993 from the age of 8 due to the death of my eldest sister and started rapping at the age of 14. When I started rapping in 1999 it was a different era especially in hip hop. I would battle rap for fun anywhere at school, street corners and basically where there was a crowd in all the places I lived.”

“Being influenced by Hip Hop legends like Rahkim, KRS One, Doogie Fresh, Mos Def, Tupac, I was drawn to hip hop, it’s culture and what it represented and personally believed that each of these artists laid the foundation and left an imprint from their respective era.”

“My journey is one of triumph as I have been homeless from 14 years old and in prison in USA and UK and my music reflects this. I am thankful for every person and all my experiences (good and bad) in my journey through life as it gave me priceless wisdom knowledge and understanding from all the real-life situations, I experienced that inspired and continue to inspire my writing and the time needed to hone my craft style. It made me realize what is important and how much of a gift life truly is.”

“I released my first single 24/7 back in 2018 after getting off parole in 2017 and have released 12 more singles after that to date. My latest project is my debut EP called Pandemic (First wave) that I released on January 20th on all major platforms and have garnered 1k+ streams to date. I am currently working on my follow up EP which I hope to release for the summer.”

“In 2021 I am most looking forward to performing for my fans and creating more inspirational music while being galvanized by everyone who I network with and getting to really know my fans and those who support my journey.”